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Professionalize your signal and measurement technology by acoustic signallers
Apart from sirens, acoustic signallers play an important role in modern measurement and signal technology if your own systems shall be composed from single components. As sound transmitters real sirens are often too bulky, loud or not flexible enough in their field of application to be used in machines and facilities. The large choice of products of Compro Electronic GmbH makes it possible to easily put together flexible acoustic signallers and customize single components to your needs, ranging from buzzer to microphone up to loudspeaker. For every purpose and every distance you can provide for attention acoustically and optically and professionalize your working processes and security technology. Furthermore, acoustic signallers offer price advantages over complete sirens or light towers as you do not spend money on a full signal device but purchase single components according to your wishes. If there are any questions concerning individual articles from our assortment, we are, of course, pleased to help you! Discover the variety of acoustic elements and components online
In this category you quickly win an overview of all acoustic signallers that Compro – as an experienced company – has been producing and putting on the market for more than three decades. Magnetic buzzers and sounders are awaiting you as well as receivers, microphones, loudspeakers or Piezo-sirens which can be installed in the smallest of spaces and are easily combined with other components. Being offered as single, electronical components, you can expand your house and security technology according to your requirements and trust in the high quality of Compro with each component. Single acoustic signallers and other elements from this category are perfectly tuned to each other and, when professionally mounted, fulfill their intended purpose for many years. In this category you learn the basic data of all acoustic components on first sight, for example, the volume in decibel as well as the operating voltage, which starts at a low voltage range with all components. With just one click on single acoustic signallers ad other accessories you find out everything you need to know with regard to each article and learn, for instance, if it is suitable for outdoor use. A large number of signallers offer you various functions and different signal sounds, which are easily set and guarantee you the greatest possible freedom in the design of your technical facilities. Numerous acoustic signallers are perfect for universal use and cover spheres of life such as fire protection, automotive engineering, shipping and diverse industrial sectors.

Compose acoustic signallers according to your preferences with Compro
With a profound knowledge of electrical engineering, the installation of our sound transmitters and other components is not a problem at all and ensures you a functional and robust system in every field of application. Of course, additionally, you can trust in finished sirens, LED-flashers and other components of Compro Electronic GmbH, which are operated at low voltage. For a basic overview, just get to know the other categories of our assortment. For more insight in our products with lots of further information it is worth downloading our online catalogue in PDF format, which offers you an overview of acoustic signallers and others at any time. If you want to purchase acoustic signallers or optical signal devices of Compro inexpensively, you can find your nearest distribution partner very easily with the help of this web page. Just use the respective function online and get to know distributors in your area, who are convinced of the high quality of our signal devices at Compro. If there are any questions concerning our assortment, we are happy to help you by telephone or email and gladly advise you in composing ideally balanced security systems. In this context, acoustic signallers are an integral part in countless cases. Thus, you should consider the decades of quality of Compro!



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