Get a visually noticeable warning and indicating signal with beacons
In the field of optical signal devices, the flasher represents one of the most important standards. For decades, permanently mounted flashing lights have been used in the public space as well as in all industrial sectors and work as indicating or warning signals. In combination with acoustic signal devices like sirens, a flasher is an integral part of every modern security system. The selection of high-standard lights in our assortment of Compro Electronic GmbH has continuously increased over three decades. If you consider buying a flasher in order to improve security in your in- and outdoor facilities, you are in the right place with our assortment which comprises various flashers on the basis of modern LED- or Xenon-technology. That way, they can be used both in a noticeable and economic way. From the classical version with 230V to lights in low voltage range – with us, you quickly find the matching accessories in order to increase safety in your residential properties or commercial buildings.

Purchase the right flasher for your purposes
Many optical and acoustic components Compro offers are very versatile in use, and so are flashers. They can be easily installed in diverse in- and outdoor facilities. Our assortment comprises not only lights in different standard dimensions but also magnetic feet or brackets in order to make a safe and robust installation possible. All lights from our range of products send out a red or orange coloured warning and signal light and are, thus, recognized as a signal in every environment. For outdoor use, we offer models in various protection classes, which resist wind and weather and, thereby, ensure a long-lasting outdoor operation. At a single glance you can see all purchasable models in this category. With every individual article, you are given facts about the fundamental differences like the operating voltage or the valid protection class and, that way, you can get further information systematically. With just one click on a specific signal light you find out more about the model like, for example, the possible operating modes. You can expect more than a dozen functions from the various lights of our assortment that comprises, for instance, continuous and intermittent light as well as single or double flash. Apart from that, the exact dimensions are indicated for you so you can install your flasher as LED- or Xenon-model safely.

Purchase further accessories of the signal technology in a price-conscious way
Each flasher offers you the advantage to point to malfunctions of machines and facilities or to warn of certain events in the commercial or private environment. In many cases, the optical signaling is not sufficient so that acoustic components are being purchased and installed additionally. In this respect again, our Compro Electronic GmbH is your competent contact partner and keeps sirens, bells and other signal devices ready. When buying a flasher, in some models, you can connect it directly with an acoustic signaller. So-called combined devices are an integral part in our Compro assortment and help you gain the individually best equipment of your security systems. Apart from our overview on the internet, you can learn more about each single flasher and about further articles of our range of products at Compro via our online catalogue. If you want to buy your next flasher at a reasonable price and are looking for one of our distribution partners in your area, you can make your research very easy via our platform. Being an experienced and internationally valued partner for acoustic and optical signal devices, you will certainly find the right flasher as well as high-quality accessories for your purposes. So do not leave the protection of private and industrial facilities to chance! Instead, trust in the first-class quality of Compro!



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