Link acoustic and optical signals via Sounder-Beacon Units
In modern signal technology, an acoustic or optical signal only is not enough in many fields of application. Especially, in the case of errors in machines and facilities or as warning of dangers, when quick action is needed, the classical alarm-siren should be combined with an optical signal device. Our multifaceted assortment of Compro Electronic GmbH gives you the possibility to unite various methods of alerting and of signal technology in one device and, thereby, to send out both an optical and an acoustic signal synchronously. Apart from the classical alarm-siren, we also offer different special devices, which are appropriate for in- and outdoors and are being used in the industrial environment as well as in residential properties or production halls. Of course, you can not only purchase the combined devices of Compro but also single components in order to link a horn or alarm siren with signal towers and similar components according to your ideas.

Discover the advantages of high-quality combined devices of Compro
Some alarm-sirens of our assortment like the series Chiasso and Asserta have been appreciated as combined devices for years as it makes alerting in acoustic and optical form possible. Being used frequently for alarm systems or in industrial buildings and facilities, they emit a warning tone as well as an optical signal when triggered. The activation of the alarm-siren can occur wirelessly, via a motion detector or as a function of the machine or facility. Usually, in this context, 110 dB sirens are used although our assortment leaves you great freedom with regard to the volumes of the signal sound. Moreover, you can change the warning tone itself with many combined devices of Compro (from howling sound up to permanent tone) in order to use the best sound requirement for your living or working environment. As a combined device each alarm-siren ensures you a similar variety also with regard to the optical signal. As we produce diverse signal towers, you benefit from different colours and designs for the alarm. Furthermore, our signal devices are available in numerous basic forms and are, thus, easily installed. Looking at the combined devices of this category, you directly find out in which voltage range the respective signal device is to be operated and which protection class it has. Thereby, depending on the model, usage in outdoor facilities becomes possible in order to guarantee highest security even in wind and weather.

Purchase combined devices and single components of Compro at a reasonable price
With more than three decades of experience in the manufacturing of alarm systems and multifaceted signal devices, you always make a high-quality choice with a long service life when buying an alarm-siren or signaller of Compro Electronic GmbH. Application and installation are especially easy with our combined devices. Of course, you can also buy your alarm-siren and optical signaller separately and combine them according to your own ideas in the context of your electrical and signal technology. More information with regard to all components from our assortment show you immediately which devices match your technical data perfectly and are also easily installed if you have basic abilities in electrical engineering. Apart from information about individual articles of our web page, our online catalogue can also be downloaded. Here, you can have a look at the full range of products of Compro Electronic GmbH in quiet. If there are any questions concerning single articles, our team at Compro is happy to help you choose the ideal alarm-siren and other accessories for an individual security technology. Use our web service, too, if you are looking for a distribution partner in your area. From alarm-sirens to bells up to signal towers, you find Compro products being offered by many regional retailers!



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